Turning Tears to Trust

I was reading one of my devotionals today and a few words really hit home which made me think of an acronym W.A.A.H.  Words, Attitude, Action & Hope [WAAH].  When I see WAAH, I think of tears/crying.  The devotional was talking about how we say we trust God, but do we really show that we are?

We should be trusting God in all things; in the troubling times and the good times.  I am guilty of being someone who says “I’m going to trust God”, but then I let my worries and impatience trump what I say.  

Words – If we say we are trusting in God, are these ‘just words’ to say?  Do we say them out of habit? We need to mean what we say.  Not only does it release us from thinking we need to do things on our own, but it pleases God showing we truly do trust him.  You know the saying “walk the walk and talk the talk”?  This is very true!

Attitude – How does my demeanor come across to others?  Does it match my words when I say that I am trusting God?  Does my attitude come across as negative or does it show my strength in trust? 

Action – What actions am I taking to keep trusting in God?  I need to pray and stay in the Word; daily.  Am I helping others in need?  Putting my energy elsewhere will  take the focus off myself and allow God to do his work.

Hope – All the above gives way to HOPE!  Having trust in God shows our faith that he will get us through no matter what.  Faith gives way to hope!

I can’t even count how many times, hours, days, and years I have wasted on worrying and crying over something, saying “I trust God” or “I’m giving it over to God to take care of”, then I immediately try and work it out on my own.  We live in a world wanting immediate resolutions, looking for quick fixes, and always a feel-good outcome.  Trusting in God does not always mean the outcome will be what I want, but trying to fix things on my own, only gets in the way of God. I am learning patience and I am absolutely a work-in-progress.  God’s timing and HIS plan are always spot on, even if they don’t make sense to me.  It is okay to cry, feel pain, feel anxious, worry, and to be afraid.  Ultimately, we have to turn our tears (WAAH) over to God and allow him to take the reigns. 

We will never know why things turn out the way they do.  Sometimes it is because of our own doing, sometimes not.  This is the mystery of the world; the mystery of God.  However, we have to trust, have faith, and have hope.

Unfortunately, part of life is experiencing hard times and we can’t avoid it. We need to be prepared so when these times hit, we cannot let it define us and keep us from living.  I have had plenty of hard things happen in my life, mostly by my own doing.  I have gotten in God’s way one too many times.  As I grow, I realize more and more my need to trust God,  and I simply cannot do life without him.  It doesn’t mean for me to sit back and do nothing.  It means to continue living, do the best I can, and ALWAYS look to God first and foremost!

Release our tears to God.  Turn our tears to trust; trusting Him.  No matter the circumstances or how long it takes, never give up on trusting God!

Jeremiah 29:11
Psalm 139:23-24

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